“But I felt that, in order to develop my game understanding, I

Dykes also ran his own coaching school in Hull before joining Rotherham’s youth set up, where he remained for several years and was a young A Licence graduate at 26. “But I felt that, in order to develop my game understanding, I had to take a different route to an ex professional. I needed to watch games.” He moved into a scouting job at Crawley under manager Steve Evans’ brother Gee, until his work caught the eye of Curle then the Notts County boss..

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canada goose Ok, let me take you into the bullshit world of bringing on sports equipment. A long, long time ago, when I was a young wee figure skater yes, that was my sport growing up I was often forced to alternate holidays between my divorced parents. Sometimes, that meant spending a lot of time with my dad during the summer, who lived a couple of states over canada goose.

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