Construcción típica del pueblo de Poyales del Hoyo, que aparece también fotografiada en otro apartado de este Blog. Para el deleite del observador, la puerta de entrada a esta pintoresca vivienda es rescatada de la ruina, con este cuadro que Blanca Muñoz utiliza para ilustrar uno de sus artículos en el Blog Arbillas

Construcción típica del pueblo de , que aparece también fotografiada en otro apartado de este Blog. Para el deleite del observador, la puerta de entrada a esta pintoresca vivienda es rescatada de la ruina, con este cuadro que utiliza para ilustrar uno de sus artículos en el Blog

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  15. where do I even begin? first of all love love your dressing table (I am writing a post about them that will be ready in a few days). I love swans & that picture is so beautiful & love your outfit! Your wall of misery always make me think of my Nanny as she had those pics too. Glad your dad recognized you today as it is hard to deal with family illness. Enjoy the art gallery & what a lovely way to start the week!

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  56. Great post :)Just a little fix – Senator Wong isn’t the only openly gay MP, Bob Brown is openly gay also, and Louise Pratt has a transgendered partner ( I don’t know whether she considers herself to fit into any given category, but she stands in the same boat on same sex marriage as those with same sex partners.)

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  70. "They have agreed to talks about talks."This is the type of thing I expect to read about the USA/North Korea, Israel/any Muslims country, Greece/Turkey. How magnanimous of them. This is basically telling a very large part of the Netherlands that they will let them out of the ante-room for a brief audience. What unmitigated gall! And they dont even see it!

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  76. Hi guys , i hope Amanda is ok and is still on tonight , she only did two sections last night and then went home , i don’t think she came on any more after around 11.30pm , Jemma did her back in again on BB on Monday and also went home . DAVE A

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